With Help From A Couples Counselor In Bethesda Many Relationship Are Rescued

By Laura Cooper

Becoming involved in a close relationship with a potential life partner is a serious matter. Two people decide that they love and respect each other enough to go through life together. Unfortunately, relationships often do not last, and for many different reasons. Some people simply cannot cope with the idea of being bound to one other person. Others do not want to change their ways. Whatever the reason, in many cases a couples counselor in Bethesda can provide sound advice.

Statistics show that modern relationships do not last as long as they used to. This is partly because society has become much more tolerant. Sex outside of marriage is no longer seen as a mortal sin and unmarried people commonly live together. Society has changed in other ways too. Women now pursue their own ambitions and it is not uncommon for the female partner to be professionally more successful than her partner. Many men find this intimidating.

In days gone by two people in a relationship would not dare to live together, but the rules have changed and society is much more tolerant. Unfortunately, many people commit to a shared domestic arrangement before they are truly ready for a serious commitment. These relationships often fall apart and because there is no legal bond between the parties separation is easily achieved and there are no legal repercussions.

It is one thing to leave a partner but it is quite another thing to end a relationship that has produced children. In such cases it is vital to put the futures and well being of the children at the top of the priority list. In order to make sensible and realistic decisions in this regard it is highly advisable that both partners see a counsellor, who will guide them through both the legal and emotional minefields.

There are many cases where people seek counselling simply because it is convenient for them to continue their relationship. This is especially true where the relationship has lasted a long time, where the partners jointly own property, investments and other assets and where no serious conflict exist. In many such cases both partners consult a counsellor simply to learn how to get along and how to avoid a serious rift from developing.

Some relationships deteriorate over time, often because one or both partners are becoming bored and domesticity has numbed the initial passion they had for each other. In most cases the deterioration can be ascribed to a lack of honest communication. In this way small issues easily become major problems. Counselling can help both partner to gain perspective and to examine their relationship in an objective manner.

In some cases it is advisable to end a relationship. Some people are abusive and violent, both physically and emotionally. Others make demands that are totally unacceptable to the other partner. Partners become unfaithful, fail to meet their obligations and neglect the other partner. In such cases it is best to call it a day and to get out of the relationship.

A loving, secure relationship serves as a haven where both partners feel loved, accepted, appreciated and valued. When the relationship fails to be a haven it is necessary to face the fact that something is wrong. In many cases counselling can help to identify the problems and to rebuild the safe haven.

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