Alcohol Ink Art Tips And Information

By Shirley Richardson

When a person allows themselves to be release their creativity, they experience physical health benefits and improved emotional clarity. It also boosts self esteem, provides feelings of accomplishment, and helps one to become calm and deal with anxiety and stress more effectively. A stunningly beautiful marbling effect with vibrant colors can be achieved with alcohol ink art.

This product is a fast drying medium that contains no acid and can be used to paint on a variety of non-porous surfaces only. Its high pigment count means that the colors are concentrated, very vibrant, and that a few drops will actually cover a great deal of space. These inks are gaining popularity among the artistically inspired individuals in Phoenix, AZ.

Some of the areas in which this medium is being used is to create marbled backgrounds for cards, paintings, and stamping projects. It is great for making jewelry, tiles, wall hangings, stationary, and so much more. There are a few things a person will need to acquire and have ready to go so that once they are started, they can just allow the ideas to flow and manifest.

Of course, the primary item on the materials list is several inks, which are typically sold in 5 ounce size. The range of available colors and customizing pigments, along with metallic additives for a luminous or polished affect, is impressive. To make it easy even for a beginner to get great results, kits containing three well coordinated hues may be purchased.

The next item, the blending solution, is an important part of a project involving this particular medium. It is used to enhance the piece by diluting or lightening specific areas of the canvas to get the effect desired by the artist. This product serves the double purpose of being an effective way to clean the work surface, tools, and one's hands should a mistake be made, or after the process is complete.

Whether the individual views themselves as a hobbyist, aspiring artist, or accomplished professional, they will have access to a variety of applicators. Most commonly, people obtain their flawless marbling looks by using a wood handled stamp with a felted pad. Other key implements that allow one to achieve a great range of incredible effects are canned air, straws, gloves, and refillable marker pens.

A surface of a non-porous nature on which to work, such as resin, glass, plastic, acrylic, polymer clay, metal, ceramic tiles, dominoes, and card stock, is included on the list. In most situations, it would be strongly suggested to prevent damage or fading by applying two or three thin applications of clear sealant over the finished product. Porous surfaces should be avoided as they absorb the liquid, making it appear muted.

There are a variety of fun and interesting techniques that are perfect for these inks. A person is virtually unlimited in the range of creativity they can explore to produce amazing works. The freedom to express oneself is easy to accomplish with such a forgiving medium and all its stunningly vibrant color choices.

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