How To Build Self Confidence - 5 Fast, Easy Ways

By Gary E. Vines

Many people believe that self confidence is something you either have or don't. This is a self limiting belief and like most self limiting beliefs it simply isn't true. Possessing assured self confidence is a skill that can be developed by anyone and once you do acquire it, you will feel much calmer, less stressed and the quality of your life will significantly improve.So, if you want to become a person who oozes confidence, then the following 3 ways to build self confidence will help you achieve it.Respect Yourself - The cornerstone of self-confidence is self respect. Many people who lack self confidence are terribly hard on themselves. They put themselves down at every opportunity and beat themselves up over and over again with all of the mistakes they have made. Additionally, they will criticize the way they look, their personalities and negatively brood over difficult times from the past that have been and gone.

Low confidence is not being able to state the obvious; it is whimpering when you are giving the opportunity to lay your claims, you always end up worried behind the scene, throwing dirt on your skin. Women yearn for tough and confident guys; guys that know what they are doing so if you want to get the right girl you are dreaming about you need to have self confidence.Here are three major moves to make to build your self esteem, to be able to pass all the test of women. Women test men in relationships, you know those days they refuse to pick your calls and those days she shows up after you have waited for hours, you know those times she plays all those girl games and have you calling every other minutes just to make sure you don't lose her? Well, those are how women test men.And if you need to effectively by-pass this sort of tests you need to eliminate inferiority complex, how?

When you do that, you'll see that you'll be improving very rapidly.If you want to fix something, do it.This is crucial if you want to know how to build self-confidence.See, when you work on achieving something, there will probably be a time when you'll want to blame someone else for your failures.It's very natural and all of us do that sometimes. The truth is that it's always your fault. Even if you're not directly responsible for the failure, it's still your fault.

One more simple little action to take to help you feel good and build confidence. Cut down on the amount of junk foods and processed foods. As well as being nutritionally poor, they can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. Eat the best fresh food you can, it's another way of respecting yourself and remember: Garbage in, garbage out.You deserve to eat much better than garbage. Unleash Your Power - You have the power of choice and the quality of your life will be determined by the choices you make. So unleash your power and choose to be self confident. Create a positive environment around yourself by reading positive affirmations on waking. Watch motivating videos on You Tube and search for positive blogs and websites to gain even more inspiration.

Believe in yourself.Have you noticed how in some countries people tie an elephant to a little stick and put a thin piece of rope around its ankle? Have you ever wondered why that animal doesn't just snap free?Well, it's because it doesn't believe it can.See, when an elephant is small, they put it in shackles and attach a strong chain to its leg. Of course at first, the animal pulls at it, jerks and jumps around to set itself free, but then, after some just gives up.

I know that guys with low self-esteem, guys that keep feeling inferior always have a way of thinking they are not worth all the things they shoot at, they just hope they might achieve it by chance, they bask on their looks and height and stuff like that to proclaim these judgments.When you have knowledge about a particular matter, you handle it with confidence and enthusiasm, you shiver less and you look tough, So one way to build up self confidence is by developing your inner potentials. This is my final tip on building self confidence - you need to walk into the world and try out whatever positive thing you read, success is not achieved when you decide to lock yourself behind closed doors without putting a foot forward. walk into the world, try talking to people, talk to pretty girls, they might not respond the first time you try, try again and keep trying till you are good and then till you are almost perfect.

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