Insights On Guided Color Light Therapy

By Lisa Kelly

Generally, color and light therapy also called color toning is a procedure utilized because of its physiologic effect on the human body. The treatment is utilized in healing myriads of common disorders. The concept has existed for years and through advancements, the Guided Color Light Therapy is now used as a remedy to various conditions with various associated benefits from its use.

This technique is a noninvasive healing method. This technique is used to address various conditions. Some of the conditions addressed include jaundice in infants who are still premature. This is done through administration of blue lights. Other departments like navy or institutions like NASA use these therapies when addressing issues. These therapies are also used in the treatment of various forms of cancer in different centers that treat cancer patients.

As a matter of fact, different medical practitioners, as well as healers, have been licensed to use this technique to administer treatment of various conditions. It is an ideal method in addressing depression, allergens, immune system illnesses, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, learning disabilities, as well as SADs and related conditions. It is also effective in dealing with neurological problems and cancer. It is not easy for a person to spot the light or color energy when on the body surface. However, the presence of these lights on the body is what brings the healing effect.

For example, whenever the body is exposed to the sun, the sun-rays are trapped and utilized to produce vitamin D3 which is vital in healing various bone conditions. Humans, as such, are susceptible to colors and light, given the electromagnetic fields of energy around the body. These energies canvass the body and are manifested as fields of colors or auras.

Such auras may never be spotted by humans despite the significant impacts that they pose especially on the internal organs. As such, the guided light and color techniques aim at supporting and improving this field of energy. You can easily utilize this treatment for self-healing and for healing others. Some forms of the treatment include using glass slides in toning sessions.

When the cases addressed are minor, you do not have to employ high-powered lighting as simple procedures will be okay. The service providers will look for different colors when administering the treatment. The colors, in this case, include the primary ones or chemically generated. For example, the red color will be associated with love, warmth, and passion. These colors will have characteristics that enhance fatigue alleviation as well as improved blood circulation.

It also assists in enhancing sexual desire by attracting hormones as well as the ovulation process. Indigo, on the other hand, is generated by combining blue and red. It is considered beneficial for individuals suffering mental illnesses. It is as well used in healing conditions that affect the eyes and ears. Pink can be used in restoring youthfulness and heals feelings such as sadness and grief.

Pink, on the other hand, is associated with restoring youthfulness as well as addressing grief and sadness. In addition, rheumatic inflammations are well addressed when blue light is used. This light is also used when it comes to treatment of a headache and hypertension. They also reduce hysteria making a person to lead a peaceful life.

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