Following The Will Of God With The Faith Christian Church

By George Cooper

Jesus Christ is kind, loving, and merciful. He is the king of the entire universe. However, He never used that kind of authority when He was crucified on the cross. Truly, humans might be frail and prone to temptation, however, Jesus Christ proves that you can resist all of those things. He proved to the entire world that you could escape away from sinning.

Just a piece of advice, though, never blame the Lord for your misfortune. If you are thinking that way, you might be thinking God as your servant. Truly, you need to understand and analyze your relationship within. Know what the Lord truly means to your heart. To assist yourself furthermore, you might love to visit a few of His congregations. You may like to visit the faith Christian church Wichita KS for assistance. Do not pretend like you know everything.

He is coming very soon. Before you store a lot of material things in this world, try to store priceless memories. Those memories that are highly considered as gold in heaven. This is just a temporary world. No matter how much you work hard to attain your dream, you can lose all of those materialistic things in just a blink of an eye.

Humans are weak in nature. He knows that. He knows that humans are easily corrupted. That is the main reason why He sacrificed His own son just to save your life. Jesus Christ died just to save your sins. Imagine, He is not a normal person.

He is the son of Almighty Creator. Despite with this, He chose to be silent. He chose to take all the burdens and humiliations just to wash your sins. He was tortured like an animal. He was treated like a criminal. Imagine yourself in His shoes. Surely, no one of you would like to suffer His burden. If that is you, you might have plunged the world into internal darkness.

Fortunately, Jesus Christ is not like that. He gives you light and love. That is why, right now, make sure to change your ways. Imagine how deep His love to you. You should accept it. Understand what it means to love your Lord. Know what it takes to love Jesus Christ. You cannot just call Him every time you need something.

Just think about the times you have ignored those people who are in needs. You think that you are not doing something that is wrong. However, if you will only evaluate and assess yourself based on the teaching of God, there is something wrong in this world from the very beginning. Most of you knew that.

He has a plan for you. That is why just trust Him with all of your heart. Do not ever leave Him. The Lord you see, He has an emotion too. He knows that you are lying. He even knows that you are telling a truth. Therefore, make sure to stop hurting Him. Regardless how much you reject Him, the Lord never reject you.

God can feel pain too. He might be too powerful, however, it does not really mean that He cannot feel anything. He feels pain, sadness, and happiness too just like you. Therefore, try not to treat Him as a wishing well. Having such kind of one sided relationship is not love at all. It is just selfishness.

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