Easy Tips That Can Keep You off Drugs

By Jason Moses

Being an addict is like living in a world where no one understands you and they all seem to be against you, all out to deny you the happy and care free feeling that comes from the drugs. It's a world where the addicts reality is warped and even in their sober moments when they know the harm they are doing to themselves they just seem unable to quit.

Part of the reason may be because of the chemical change that drugs will cause in the body and mind of the addict making them dependent on them and unable to function normally without taking them. A number of people become addicts because they misused a prescription medication and find themselves hooked with no way out while others are just looking for something to take the edge off but end up with more than they had bargained for.

Abuse of prescription medication is one of the most common gateways to drug use and addiction. Drugs such as Oxycontin which contains oxycodone, a narcotic pain reliever is an example of a drug that is widely abused because of the powerful high and euphoric effects it is known to induce in the user.

Despite the fact that this drug is a prescription only medication people are able to obtain it using means such as forged prescriptions. What most people don't know is that you experience severe oxycodone withdrawal, which is painful and uncomfortable, when you stop taking it.

It is not all bad news for those in drug recovery or under rehabilitation, they can still remain clean and sober by doing the following;

1. Get honest with yourself

Being honest with yourself is a major step in overcoming substance abuse as it will put you in the right mindset to accept and be open to counsel given by through helping you through recovery.

2. Getting on a recovery program

We all like to believe that we are strong enough and can beat the addiction if given the time or resources but a lot of times our efforts end up in failure. You are more likely to succeed in a recovery program where you get professional help through the period.

3. Going beyond sobriety

To truly remain free from drugs you need to not just think about how you will stay clean but also how you will remain clean. You can do this by identifying the things that drove you to or contributed to you going into addiction so that you can avoid them next time.

4. Make amends

Addiction takes a heavy personal toll on the person not only financially but also personally alienating friends and family. You need to make amends with these people to regain their love and trust once more.

5. Dealing with difficulty

You need to realize that difficulties will come in your life but you don't need to relapse to deal with them.

6. Value relationships

When lost in addiction there are those people who were ever there for you may be friends or relatives, they are important and the relationship with them should be nurtured as they will encourage you along your recovery.

It may seem like the tips mentioned are all too easy or obvious to be of any good but a lot of the times you will find that great problems are solved by simple things that were not considered.

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