Understanding The Universe In Linda Goodman Astrology

By Debra Hamilton

An astrological system was born in America in the state of Kentucky on April 9, 1925. This also happens to be the birth details of a woman named Mary Alice Kemery. Everyone knows the writer and astrologer who wrote the national bestselling book on Sun Signs. Published in 1968, it set the record of being the first work of its type to be recognized by the New York Times.

Humans have had a long romance with systems of divination or fortune telling. Astrology, which is divining fate through the stars, is still one of the most loved systems today. Often encountered in horoscope sections of newspapers and magazines, Mary Alice Kemery aka Linda Goodman astrology has created a strong niche for itself in America, spawning schools of thought, websites, books, artefacts, and published materials among its numerous believers.

For many, life can be so unguided as to need the services of the supernatural. Religions can work for a portion of these, but they have some strict rules and systems that often are often limiting. So many more will find astrology more accessible, something even the most fanatic worshipper can turn to. Horoscopes belong to a free people, and it is given without obligation to all.

Many followers will bear witness that Sun Signs have their place in reality. Its author was a great student of the stars and universal systems made up of them. She did not believe in what humans have supposedly discovered about time because what she saw in the heavens were communications infinite in time and place.

The Lady Linda, as she was nicknamed by one follower, kept up the search for the said connections during her entire life. Sometimes she saw these related to events or specifics of her personal experience. Often, they were an entire set of circumstances involving friends and other people. The label star struck is applicable for her, but it has benefited a lot of people with the workings of destiny through a universal order.

She did not consciously look for fame and fortune, but rather let them happen to her, guided as she was by a refined astrological savvy. Even the most choosy intellectuals cannot deny the attraction offered by her work. Perhaps because she was also an intellectual as well as a spiritualist who created a charming, even gripping, modern revision of a very old world of symbols and religious philosophies.

Those who seek to put down astrology will find that the system of signs and symbols strongly offer good proof of its existence. People will sheepishly admit to looking into horoscopes to see how the day will be for them. The true believers are too numerous and it is a group composed of many professionals, respectable citizens and experts who are on the mainstream.

It is a fringe whose popularity has spread on a global scale that is amazing in a world that has supposedly woken up from its infatuation with the supernatural. In the end, the star guru never wanted people debating heatedly over points of belief or disbelief. Rather, she would have everyone try to open their hearts to the heavens.

No one really knows what beings out there are. But the most respected scientist will hesitate to totally exclude a universal system that communicates to all. Through the work of the lady astrology guru, the light of understanding has been shed to start people on their way.

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