10 Motivation Tips for Internet Entrepreneurs

By Ryan J James

Let's face it - the hours needed to breathe life into a new on-line business are long, and profitability is never guaranteed. During the first few months, many people would find working a paper route more profitable than launching a new on-line business. The ability to stay motivated and believe in themselves is one of those intangibles that seem to be ingrained deep within the DNA of every successful businessperson.

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes the truly successful entrepreneurs from everybody else? Starting a business is difficult, yet Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and others have achieved a level of success that is well beyond the wildest dreams of 99.9% of entrepreneurs. These men have several traits in common, perhaps the most significant of which is an unwavering believe in their ability to get the job done. Napoleon Hill interviewed the most successful business people of his day and concluded that the ultra successful had an ability to "Think and Grow Rich".

The mental side of running a business is, in my opinion, the most important determinant in whether your new company will succeed. At some point, every successful entrepreneur has had a moment of questioning whether their efforts are truly worth it. In the end, those who persevere are the ones who achieve the highest levels of success. Choosing to stay positive can be difficult, so here are 10 ways to find motivation when you feel yourself starting to lose enthusiasm. These are listed from easiest to hardest.

Basic Strategies

1. Find small ways to motivate using positive reinforcement. For example, scribble your goals on your bathroom mirror, or post pictures of inspiring images in places where they can be seen several times each day. One trick that I find useful is to give my email a meaningful ringtone - with every email I receive, I hear the sound of a cash register ringing.

2. Create a Vision Board - I first heard about visualization from John Assaraf in the movie "The Secret" and was sceptical. The concept involves finding images that represent your dreams, goals and ambitions, then turning those images into a poster and keeping it somewhere where you will notice it several times each day. My wife tried it, and I noticed how it seemed to keep her on-track for a half marathon. I decided to give it a shot. My take on this was a little different - I put several PowerPoint slides together and saved them as images. These became my screen-saver and my computers wallpaper. I found the constant reminding was motivational, and eventually found that I was accomplishing each of the goals that I had initially set for myself. Check out the movie 'The Secret" if you need more help on visualization techniques.

3. Find quotes/movies/books that inspire you. Quotes have a way of cutting through the intellect and speaking straight to our soul. My favorite quote is, "Carpe - - hear it? - - Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary" from the 1989 movie "Dead Poets Society".

4. Adopt your own personal mantra. Words can be inspiring and hold incredible power, so choose your words carefully. Make sure that your personal mantra includes positive, affirming words that resonate with your ultimate goal. Some people prefer short, primal mantras ("Its go time!!!!") while others prefer more holistic statements ("I am powerful whole and complete within myself). Put this mantra in a place where you will see it throughout the day, like in your wallet or on your computer monitor.

5. This won't work for everybody, but I have found meditation to be incredibly helpful. Sitting quietly for 10 minutes provides a clear perspective on things and allow you to distinguish between competing priorities. The goal of meditation is to stop thinking and just focus on breathing.

6. Go help somebody - online entrepreneurs can spend most of their time alone. Reconnecting with actual living human beings will lift your spirits, and helping somebody else will help you feel encouraged.

7. Do not over monitor your progress. If you are trying to lose weight, is weighing yourself several times a day helpful? Probably not. It is distracting, counter-productive, and has the potential to cause a sense of discouragement. For the online entrepreneur, frequent checking of their AdSense account or Affiliate Sale is just as counter-productive. Checking your stats daily is more beneficial than checking them hourly.

Advanced Strategies

8. Develop a positive support network - this could take the form of a MasterMind Group, friends or family. It is important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and can celebrate all of your mini-successes.

9. Ensure there is complete alignment between your core values and your business goals. If your goals are at odds with your 'true self', your subconscious will find ways to derail your success. Finding authenticity is easier said than done, but is a distinguishing character trait amongst highly successful individuals.

10. Stay balanced - if you let it, starting a business can consume all of your free time and attention. In the beginning, this is a necessary burst of creative energy as your plans start to take shape. It is very easy to spend all your time thinking about the business to the detriment of things like exercise and family. Don't burn yourself out and make sure to take the time to reconnect with the things that matter in your life. Make sure you are using your down time to reflect on how you spending your time in relation to achieving your original goal. Also realise that goals may shift over time. Shifting priorities are okay - the last thing you want to realize after having climbed the ladder is that you had it leaning against the wrong wall building.

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