Mental Golf Coaching Charlotte North Carolina - Control Your Emotions

By Carol Robinson

The aim of mental golf coaching is to help you control your emotions, especially when you are under pressure. If you can control what and how you feel while on the course then you are far better equipped than those who can't. All sport is emotional, but in golf there is more time to think about and this makes mental Golf Coaching Charlotte North Carolina quite a necessity.

The problem with golf is that you have a lot of time to think about things between shot and your emotional state can have a huge affect on your swing. This is especially true when putting - the smallest change to your normal stroke can be the difference between holing a putt and missing. Being happy or sad will affect your game in that physically smiling releases endorphins into your nervous system that make you feel happy. In a similar way you can of course make yourself feel depressed by thinking of something sad or angry.

Seeking professional training is almost inevitable at some point. Unless you are gifted from birth with the ability to play, chances are you'll need a trainer to increase your game. Even the most talented people need to seek help at some point. When you start thinking you've learned everything there is about the game, you've stopped growing as a golfer and your game will go stagnant.

Hitting certain shots and thinking about them can affect your emotions. Like having missed a short putt you are more likely to arrive at the next tee feeling angry or frustrated than happy! On the other hand, positive emotions can have a bad impact on your game too. If you've just made a birdie you often start thinking about winning the match. And this emotional state can of course have an impact on your next shot. What emotional state should you be in when you hit a shot? The answer is simple, be emotionless, though that can be a difficult emotional state to achieve!

There is more than one way to breathe and the way you breathe will go a long way in affecting your game while on the course. You can control your feelings by focusing on belly breathing. If you focus hard enough on belly breathing it will benefit you on the course in two crucial ways: Your emotional state will become 'emotionless' or be in a neutral state and your shoulders will stop going up and down.

Eventually, this rhythm will become second nature but when you are starting out, you definitely cannot have the flexibility to stay everything in line all the time. As long as you are ready to correct these mistakes, but, your game will undoubtedly improve.

As you'll know if you've read any other mental coaching tips, the aim is to control your conscious mind and let your sub-conscious mind take-over. To do this you need to focus on something other than the actual task in hand - such as swinging a club!

Having a coach isn't a crutch and doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the game. If nothing else, he can help you improve in areas you're already strong in. Your scores might not always get better but your confidence will and that will actually allow you to enjoy the game more than you did before.

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