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By Peter Gray

There are countries which majority of its people are living in poverty and experiencing hardships when compared to the rest of the world. They lack enough access on basic human needs which the government has a hard time providing to them because of lacking resources available. Health and education needs are inadequately met which makes surviving hard and the opportunities for improvement of their lives are lesser.

This is where volunteers from around the world come in to help these families in dire need of it. One of these chances are the Vietnam mission trips that will bring you to their to live with the indigenous people for a few days. This is a communist country located in Southeast Asia that has just started to recover from the hardships of war they have experienced before.

For most people, agriculture is the major source of income although other industries such as manufacturing as well as information technologies are growing. This is now possible because of this country being open to trading with others after the embargo on trading was lifted. Economic situations have been steadily improving but most citizens have not felt the results of this yet.

There are various kinds of mission trips to this country and it usually consists of healthcare and education assistance. Different organizations are responsible for these missions and the volunteers usually pay for their own fees as well as donations from other people. These fees do not usually include the airfare and visa needed to go there but only the accommodations and transportation needed when in the country already.

Medical professional volunteers are the usual people in medical missions in order to provide the service that is needed. Various health problems would be checked by them to know if they are affected with it. They would treat the patients as best as they can with the equipment available and providing them with medicines.

They also address specific conditions such as the inability to see clearly and eyeglasses are given to remedy this. Dental check ups that help them improve their teeth are also done and dentures are given to the people who need it too. Walking aids like wheelchairs are given to disabled persons to help them move around.

Educating them on certain fields and skills that could be used in improving the condition of their lives is given. They are being taught by the volunteers how to speak English and skills such as swimming to help them survive being in the water. This is because drowning is one of the top causes of death for children in Vietnam and having swimming skills improve their chances of living.

The missions also consist of fun activities to give leisure to all such as watching movies, picnics and going to the beach. These would help in creating and improving relationships and friendships with other races. It would also help the volunteers relax and enjoy the country they are in.

Being able to join these missions might make you a better person and you can experience new things. Helping other people improve their lives are possible through these. This is also better with friends and family to share the wonderful experience with.

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