What One Must Have In Brainfood Diet

By Debra Clark

Feeding the brain is crucial. It is a vital part of wellbeing. When it functions properly, there is optimized quality of life because it plays a role in almost every bodily activity. Humans are dependent on their brains to make the simplest movement and even to blink the eye. Without a fully functional brain, a person is simply dead. Thus, brainfood diet is a good thing. It is something that every human needs. There is need to eat with the purpose of boosting brain, heart, kidneys and other vital body parts.

The brain communicates every second of the day. It sends messages to all the areas of the body through neurotransmitters. This is what keeps a person alive. Neurotransmitters are just amino acids, which are components of proteins. Thus, a diet that is rich in proteins will help the brain. One can obtain proteins from animal and plant sources. White meat is the best.

Vitamins are needed for the overall health of the body. They help to fight diseases by strengthening the immune system. Vitamins also facilitate the regeneration of new cells which helps to revitalize the skin among other issues. There are some kinds of vitamins that are particularly helpful for the health of the brain. This includes folic acid ( B9), B12 and B16.

There are a number of natural sources of vitamins. Meat and bread have vitamins but in small quantities. If one needs an adequate supply, he will need to eat fruits. Avocados particularly will enhance the wellness of the brain. In addition, one needs blueberries. Leading scientists in the world consider blueberries as a super food because it has many beneficial antioxidants.

Humans have indulged in fish since time immemorial. There are many types of fish. Most of them are beneficial to the human brain. Salmon is particularly helpful to the brain of developing children. Nile perch, tilapia and the other fish varieties are loaded with omega three acids. This lipid is a crucial part of the human brain. It affects brain functionality.

Having a sharp memory is something desirable. It will make one to excel in studies and to be a better human. Many people will love a person who always remembers faces and names. Memorizing ability makes life better. If one has a poor memory, one can improve it through having a diet that is rich in beneficial foods like broccoli.

Coconut oil will greatly help to improve the memory of an individual. This is considered as a magical oil. This is due to its various health benefits. Doctors say that it is a perfect alternative for milk since it has all the benefits of milk minus the unhealthy fats. Egg yolks are also recommended for those who want to be good at memorizing the various things.

Food is medicine. It heals the brain and unlocks better brainpower. A person is what he eats. If one eats healthily, he will be healthy and strong. However, if indulging in fast foods is the order of the day, a person will severely affect his brain and heart health. These are the two most important organs in the body. One should use fresh produce and supplements.

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