Comprehensive Low Cost Leadership Development Options

By Jeffrey Price

There is a growing need for proactive and dynamic leadership in the world today. Brands around the world are looking for people to take up the responsibility of leading them into the next generation. While companies offer such opportunities, the skills are meant for their current situation. Low cost leadership development programs are the solution because they offer a universal set of skills.

The idea of a mentor is an opportunity to identify, link and maintain a growth oriented relationship. You get training through engagement and most importantly by example. Look for a person who is accomplished in the area you target to lead. This could be in your department or organization. Look beyond for leaders in other fields to create a pool where the best ideas are gathered. Many mentors enable you to select the best ideas, develop a personalized cocktail and thus be more versatile in your leadership.

Go for an accountability group. While mentors cultivate your ability and push you to achieve desired goals, an accountability group keeps you motivated and in check. It could be a person you call every day to report progress and seek encouragement. This gives you an opportunity to share goals and resources. It is from this group that you will get valuable contacts and the push to pursue your goals when you are most discouraged.

Pleasant and sociable people make the best leaders. Leadership revolves around taking charge of resources and people. You must thus be good at making friends and relationship building. Your seniors watch your relationships and how profitable they are. The HR will also recommend a person who is easier to relate with. Avoid stepping on peers or compromising your integrity.

Be ready to volunteer every time you have a chance. It provides the exposure you need to make a career leap. For instance, sitting at a conference registration desk allows you to meet executives who will offer you the next job. Chat with them, collect their business cards and give yours as well. Sit in committees organizing events without having to be pushed. You have a chance to exercise your ideas. Volunteering also fills your skill gaps and in the process makes your resume solidly attractive.

Take the cross function and lateral opportunities. Avoid obsessive focus on your skills, career and work place. If you are in marketing, learn and engage with social media or finance guys. Learn what accountants do despite being in communication. This understanding gives you a grasp of what the organization is all about. You will make decisions that are informed and holistic. This is what leaders are supposed to do.

Work on self. A lot of attention goes to leading in your work place, peer groups, organizations, etc. Keep tabs with global trends and acquire new skills every so often. Endeavor to learn a new language, short course, take up exercises, eat better, etc. A person in control of his life is better positioned to take up leadership over other people.

Being a mentor is like having fire under your seat or a camera watching every action. It demands the best out of you since someone considers you a role model and is watching. It takes away the thoughts or chances of failure. As such, you will work harder at personal level eliminating any chance to fail. You cannot relax when someone is looking up to you.

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