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By Carl Thompson

Fundamentally, energetic healing can be considered as a kind of energy, therapy or even a sort of alternative or complementary medicine. Early medical practitioners have claims that whenever there is an imbalance of a force within the body, an individual would become ill. Nevertheless, an energy healer sticks to the belief that correcting such imbalances is fundamental to healing or regaining of wellbeing.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, this force also known as Chi is perceived as having a holistic impact. This means that the amount and quality of the force circulating within the body of an individual affect the psychological, emotional, and the spiritual well-being of a person. It is, however, not only restricted to the physical health. In this form of healing, the practitioners use various methods to manipulate and modify the flow of this force within your body. Their aim is to replenish, realign, and stabilize the quality and the amount of the force within an individual.

Generally, practitioners handling such kind of therapy stick to the belief that our body comprises a network of energies with even the slightest of imbalances becoming manifest or apparent our physical being. This kind of therapy as well is based on beliefs that individuals treated by the practitioner can be channelled their forces to the practitioner. On the other hand, those with beliefs in such forms of treatment claim that practitioners may subtract or add to your levels of energy as their client hence restoring the balance.

However, scientists still question the use of energy in restoring the physical, spiritual, and the mental health of a person. Although the practitioners can use different approaches, the objective is usually the same. They seek to bring healing by channeling the force from one person to another to increase or reduce the levels in order to achieve the balance.

The energetic healing is usually a conscious and skilled use of the therapeutic modalities to benefit an individual. This is because emotions, false beliefs, trauma, mental stress, physical distress, environmental stress as well as other blocks to your physical growth can be stored in energetic fields in the body. This can, however, affect the abilities of your body to function and work to the full potential.

Nonetheless, energetic healing aids the process of healing through removing any barriers within energetic fields. On the other hand, energetic healing cause the force to balance and repair so that your body regains its access to natural self-healing abilities and optimal level of operation.

Energetic healing may additionally aid in detecting problems prior to their occurrence or appearance in our physical body like pain or such similar distortions. This kind of healing exposes our consciousness to areas that may need attention as well as restoring balance to life and maintaining harmony, vitality, and health.

Generally, the term energy healing is used for any therapy which manipulates how the force circulates within the physical or the subtle bodies. Such manipulation causes the body to regain its balance causing it to initiate healing. However, the energetic healing is holistic and goes beyond physical manipulation to the subtle systems where the cause of a disease could be located.

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