The Best Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

By Jason Cooper

Food is a basic need just as shelter and clothing. There is need to indulge in a diet that has all the essential nutrients. This includes proteins, vitamins, minerals and starch. The body also needs omega three fatty acids. One will find these from the best sources of omega 3. Foods with this nutrient will help a person in a number of ways. Thus, they should be consumed on a regular basis. What is needed most is a balanced diet. On top of eating right, one should also exercise every day.

The leading cause of disease in the world is inflammation. This is blamed for a myriad of health conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis. The best way to fight inflammation and subsequently prevent diseases is by eating foods that are rich in omega three acids. These will also boost hormone production in an individual. Hormones facilitate normal body functionality thus they are needed.

This nutrient can be obtained from plant and animal sources. Therefore, even if a person is a vegetarian he can still obtain good amounts of this vital element. A popular source is eggs. These are good for health if taken in moderate amounts. The most nutritious part of the egg is the egg yolk. There are many ways of preparing eggs.

Nuts and seeds are also highly beneficial. The good thing about them is that they are available at affordable prices. One can choose to consume ground nuts in between meals. On the other hand, seeds can be used for cooking different types of foods. Before one eats a nut, it needs to be prepared in a special way. Nuts are healthy.

The prime source of omega three fatty acids is fish. Countries that consider fish as a staple food such as Japan usually produce many intelligent people. The Japanese are very good in sciences and mathematics. Japan is a leading producer of automobiles. Fish is white meat. Thus, it does not have bad fats that are unfriendly to the human heart.

Salmon is a good type of fish. It is available in most big cities. This fish is harvested from the deep seas. Some varieties of salmon are available in major lakes and rivers. One should purchase fresh salmon. There are many ways of preparing food. There are healthy and unhealthy cooking methods. Deep frying is not a healthy cooking style.

Cod liver oil is also highly recommended. This is oil that has been harvested from the liver of cod fish. There are many companies that sale products that have this oil. One should find the product of a highly reputable company. Such will be safe to the body and will offer maximum value for money. An affordable product will suffice.

Humans need the best omega three foods. These improve the quality of life. With the right foods, the state of the heart and the brain will improve. Thus, one will be at a lower risk of getting heart disease and neurological conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world.

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