The Relevance Of Conversations About Things That Matter To God

By Raymond Cooper

Most cultures have a belief in one or more supreme beings. It's only in modern times that societies are content to let blind chance take the credit for both past and future. Of course, anyone having conversations about things that matter to God will have accepted some sort of diety, even if it turns out to be themselves. The focus of the debate will differ, depending on how objective the participants are.

Someone who feels that divinity is in everything will have to look inside for revelation. Their belief will depend on feelings about what is right and wrong, or true or false. Since people are invariably subjective to a degree, this probably happens anyway. However, many people arrive at a faith that comes partly from ancient sacred writings and partly from their own experience. This is called New Age philosophy and may incorporate almost anything.

The existence of hell is a good example of something many people reject, even if they are okay with other tenets of Christianity. Those who want to think of the Lord as a loving creator may not accept His role as judge and condemner. The fact that this viewpoint dilutes the value of the crucifixion and weakens standards of right and wrong is not enough to make them acknowledge a loving spirit who also demands atonement before deserved punishment can be averted.

The other way for Christians is to let God speak for Himself. By taking the Bible as a revelation, believers can seek to understand the Lord and find out what is important to Him. The Bible contains both commandments and promises. Millions find security and comfort in a diety who does not depend on man's input. They like knowing there is absolute truth and a way to grasp it.

Many things support this kind of reliance on scripture, including archaeological discoveries and miracles. However, there are more skeptics than believers in the world. This to some seems tragic but to others only logical.

Two or more are needed for a conversation, and they have to share some ideas. A person who embraces the mystic power of crystals probably won't be interested as much in what matters to the Lord as in what matters to them, what will enhance their life. It will be easier for two believers to talk about spiritual things, since they will agree on many basic concepts.

For those who take the Bible as a reliable guide, helping the poor is a priority. Discussions about that can lead to the formation of plans, agencies, or crusades to accomplish this goal. Evangelists hope to win converts, so their discourse is aimed at explaining the relationship between the Lord and man. Leading a godly life is a topic of endless interest to anyone who wants to truly imitate Christ. Talk radio is a wonderful resource for those who are isolated.

The Bible teaches believers to talk about the things of God. The Book of Ephesians is full of guidance about what constitutes worthy discourse. If spiritual life is important to someone, he or she won't be loath to enter into discussion about it.

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