A Preview Of Normal Christianity Found In The Psalms

By Carolyn Stewart

There is something unique about each book of the bible and the areas it addresses in Christian living. The proposals in Psalms are unique yet reflect the normal life of a Christian. The normal Christianity found in the psalms takes a poetic angle but captures all challenges and triumphs of a normal human being. There are excellent reflections on humility, praise, gratitude, adherence to the law, etc until a person achieves a sanctified life.

The first chapter presents the best introduction to Christianity with an affirmation that following the law comes with its share of rewards. Blessed is he who follows the law and avoids the paths of the wicked. To follow that, you must constantly read and reflect on it. Prosperity is the reward you get but the wicked will perish.

Chapter 23 is on the lips of almost everyone. When David declared that the Lord was his shepherd, he was exalting His providence nature. God is portrayed as powerful as to allow you wine and dine on the table with enemies. Because of this goodness and providence, one will live with God forever.

Chapter 121 begins with a cry and ends with exaltation of God. David must have been down and almost out to inquire about the source of his strength. He then proclaims that it comes from the creator of heaven and earth, who never sleeps or abandons his creation. This Lord preserves the lives of people he has created and protects them from trouble. His protection according to David is both day and night.

Christians sometimes feel abandoned or lost in the world. This is the basis of chapter 42 which equates the desire to be one with God to that of a deer panting for cool waters. The psalmist even reminisces days he used to feel close to God to the point of leading praises in the temple. It is a cry for rescue, giving Christians the right words to cry to God when that time comes.

Evil doers sometimes appear to thrive to the point of righteous people envying them. This is the scenario captured in Psalms 37. The chapter warns that the ways of evil doers lasts as short as grass fire. Their prosperity may appear glorious and as though it is unpunished, but it only lasts for a while. For the righteous, theirs is the inheritance of the earth.

Is it possible to hide from the all knowing omnipresent God? Chapter 139 reveals a God to whom man can hide nothing. This is a God who has searched the soul of man and knows his going in and coming out. The chapter is an exaltation of the power of God to see everywhere including the heart of human beings. No matter how far you hide, it is impossible to hide from God.

All the teachings and reflections a Christian would like to live a holistic life can be found in the Psalms. The book encompasses a cocktail of exaltation, praise, defiance, submission, etc. The message is put in such a simplistic and poetic tone that makes it easy to deceiver the lessons and thus live a fulfilling life.

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