Focusing On Emotional Growth In Adults

By Christopher Jackson

People who are emotional mature will be more content in life. They are able to be more focused in the home environment as well as in the work place. It can be easier to cope in relationships. It is easier to make day to day decisions, and there will be limited frustration in one's life. Emotional growth in adults, is therefore something to focus on.

There are, of course different degrees that one would suffer, depending on the situation. Some people just need to improve on their mistakes. Other people will be set back in life because they have been through a traumatic experience. At the end of the day, it is important to take baby steps because this is how you are able to grow and cope in various situations.

A lot of people become stuck because they are still caught up in this web. They have not grown up in a happy, healthy environment. They were exposed to a lot of abuse. The result of this being, that they are anxious, fearful and on the edge. They are often not able to cope in an intimate relationship. An adult like this may seem as if they are still in the adolescent stage.

Someone who is healthier will have moved on from this stage to an adult and will be able to make choices and decisions. They know about boundaries and about right from wrong. Someone else may rather turn to drugs and alcohol because this is their only coping mechanism. It keeps the pain away and they feel less confused.

It is not something that comes automatically. There are specialized sorts of groups which are ideal for someone like borderline personality disorder, for example. This will teach them more about being relaxed through meditation. There are various coping mechanisms that they learn so that they know what to do should they think they are going to react in a violent way.

Sometimes a person will blame themselves for something that wasn't their fault. They will become aggressive and throw tantrums, which are not called for. Some people become depressed and withdrawn. There is always a deeper meaning and an underlying issue for these problems and one needs to look at what is bothering the person.

Someone who is emotionally immature will also have trouble with their relationships because they are more child like in their behavior. They may react sensitively. They may be less focused and they will be unable to be as intimate which obviously causes complications in the relationship. This may only come to surface during marriage counseling.

Talking about these problems is often the only solution. However, it is important that one goes to a specialized type of group or a counselor where the patient can get the right type of attention. Connecting with the rest of the group members or the psychologist is very important. Over time they will start to feel various changes start to occur in their life, and this is obviously rewarding.

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