Teamwork Values That Most Foursquare Churches In Las Vegas Embrace

By Donald Fisher

Running a ministry is not a walk in the park. However, it is easy to run a successful ministry if you encourage a powerful team with a strong desire to work together. This will ensure that you overcome challenges together and can set realistic goals that are achievable. Selfishness in the church can greatly ruin the ministry. Individualism cannot work effectively in any church. Great churches such as Foursquare churches in Las Vegas encourage teamwork because of the following reasons.

There is nothing as disappointing as when people are in the team but rarely trust one another. Team members do many things together. This implies that they should be trustworthy and they should learn to trust one another. Lack of consistency particularly is dangerous. This is because; team members need to be predictable. You cannot say one thing today and tomorrow you are saying something different. This will create mistrust among team members.

Teamwork also encourages the economy of energy. To encourage a good economy of energy among your team members, you should compensate and anticipate for family and personal energy drains, like new babies and illnesses. Remember your team members have a life outside the church. You should, therefore, stretch your assistance to even personal matters affecting your team members.

As the team grows, it is important for the members to work slow and steady rather than go fast and furious. Plan your year amicably. Get to know what you can achieve throughout the year without being unrealistic. You should also be flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes that may arise in the process.

Every person is looking for affirmation, and they become irritable whenever they do not get it. It is interesting how words of encouragement and a smile can stir up the mood of team members. You can affirm your team by praising their loyalty, commending their efforts, appreciating their uniqueness, and valuing their ideas.

You should know how to deal with mistakes one they happen for mistakes are not failures and you will fail only when you give up. Mistakes are the best teachers for they will teach you what does work. So, if you do not make any mistakes, it means you are not trying anything new, and you are playing it safe. People learn from mistakes.

It is also important that team members meet regularly. Meetings ensure that the members agree with one another and can understand and learn from one another. Apart from the weekly meetings, it is also important for team members to communicate through the different communication channels available. Some of the channels may include emails, social media, telephone among others.

Apart from weekly meetings, the team members should also encourage open communication. It is only through communication that team members can get to learn and understand one another. There are many things that can cause communication breakdown among the team members. However, if the team members can overcome such challenges, communication will become quite easy.

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