Introducing Karlton Daniel: A Prolific Motivational Speaker With A Big Heart

By Paul Burns

Some men are born to be great. They achieve so much in their life that they become an inspiration to the rest of the society. They start with nothing but progressively they succeed in becoming giants among mortals. This article is about one such person. His name is Karlton Daniel. These are some of the notable accomplishments in his life to date.

In the period spanning from the early nineties to the mid-nineties, Karlton worked as a barber. His friends, actually, remark that he made one terrific hairdresser. As is the case with practically everything else he touches, Daniel never stops until he attains that elusive state of perfection. His hair skills came about in the years he spent at the Walla Walla Community College.

Upon leaving, the community college, Mr. Karlton proceeded to the John Jay College based in New York City. Here, he majored in Forensic studies. His studies focused on Psychology in particular. After the year-long course, he came out better equipped on how to deal with various social issues affecting the youth of his city. Eventually, he would emerge as a highly-sought-out after counselor and guidance expert capable of helping troubled youth.

His academic credentials enabled him to apply and secure a job as a night manager in New York. Daniel earned a living working as a night manager cum counselor at the renowned Bronx-based school known as the Graham Windham facility. The residents of this institution were notorious kids who had a profound disdain for authority. His work saw him wake up at least three times per night to check on the kids. He would reprimand any students caught sneaking off at night and guide them to the right path.

While still at the corrective institute, Mr. Karlton oversaw the hygiene of the youth therein. His roles did not stop with him making sure they made their beds, washed their clothes and brushed their teeth. No, on the stark contrary, it extended to making breakfast to the pupils as well. Perhaps, the most significant aspect of this job was to guide and counsel the students on a variety of issues.

Barely a year later, Karlton, got called up to head the security department of New York Law School. The man was in charge of many important agendas at the learning facility. Some of the responsibilities include: Training the staff he had interviewed and consequently hired. He was in charge of all the affairs at the library in the institution.

Moving forward, the ambitious New Yorker got hired as the General Manager of Regency Inc. Part of his job description involved him overseeing the purchases and orders for the company. At Regency Inc., he handled the portfolios of the accounts of the suppliers to the firm.

Asides the professional jobs mentioned here, the man is also a decent poet. He has written and published many poems. Some of his literary works have even won him some awards and accolades. Karlton is a prominent feature of International Poetry competitions scene.

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