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By Maria Baker

Generally, animals are just like human beings in terms of their response to touch. Consequently, Animal Reiki has been employed to treat pets, as well as sick animals. The method includes a physical contact with the pet through a gentle touch particularly pets, with the objective of treating the condition and calming the animal. Essentially, animals relish this treatment and it works for them because it builds a relationship between the practitioner and the animal.

The therapy remains commendable for animals or pets particularly in instances where the owner perceives some behavior or habit change. Offering quick remedies using the therapy yields quicker results in form of general health balance. Sick as well as stressed animals usually alter their temperament, eating patterns, excretion, and general malaise. Nonetheless, the therapy will comfort sick animals and offer pain relief, especially via massage. By positioning hands onto the animal relief from anxiety and fear is attained.

The therapy can correct issues to do with behavior by reducing stress, therefore, supporting relaxation. It has a calming impact on the pet and encourages the pets and animals to be more reactive to training and modification of behavior. In the course of training, touching the animal transmits energy from the human to the animal which develops trust between them. Basically, a gentle touch reinstates trust to the animals with a record of correlating being touched with pain.

The therapy as well promotes quick healing subsequent to sicknesses or surgery. The therapy also alleviates the side effects acquired from conventional medications used in treatments for instance pain killers and antibiotics. It also offers pain relief as well as calmness that promotes natural body healing responses. Massages for pets used as post-operation services make them calm and will reduce any unnecessary movement and give wounds time to heal. Pain relief from injections is also possible.

Normally, animals are easily hurt when they jump, play, or when they dissipate their energetic feeling in running around. If an injury occurs, provision of this therapy will reduce swellings or excessive fluid transfers to injured areas. This generally reduces pressure to the wounds and injured areas that raise energy flows towards the injured areas. The result in quick healing and with lessened chances of tissue damages that become permanent.

Usually, the treatment is relied on in wildlife rescues, calming those that are hard to reach, as well as handling all animals. Misplaced wildlife will positively respond to gentle touches as they calm down and get tamed and even be taken to orphanages more easily.

A few animals that are difficult to access and manage, relax following the therapy as their anxiety and fear are balanced and they learn to correlate relief with a gentle touch. Consequently, they can adapt to their new surroundings.

On contrary, the therapy usually facilitates the transfer of animals to different structures and introducing them to other roomies. It also relieves the animals from effects of arthritis and other draining conditions. Animals suffering bloat will also get successfully treated using this therapy. The technique is cheap since no drugs are used, and is organic with no side effects suffered by the animals.

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