Animal Communicator Job Description And Lifestyle

By Dorothy Brown

When it comes to animals, there are many different duties involved whether a pet owner or professional. When it comes to being a professional Animal Communicator, one must be able to understand the different behaviors, moods and actions of a number of different species. As such, while a very interesting position, it is not for everyone.

One area in which a trainer and someone working as a communicator differ is that most often trainers are working with dogs, horses, lions, tigers and other animals which communicate vocally. Whereas, a pet psychic can often read the minds of animals based on silent as well as vocal behaviors. One area that plays an important role in this process is in being able to understand the traits of a number of species.

In all cases, communication between humans and animals defines a desire for a response. Whether a dog wanting to be fed, or cat wanting to be petted, these animals are very good at communicating such needs. Whereas, others are more difficult such as the many animals living in zoos around the world.

When it comes to human commands, animals must be taught over time to understand different orders. A good example of this is in dog training. For, it can often take a great deal of time and patience to teach a dog to sit, stay, come or be leash and house trained. To expedite the process, it should be noted that trainers are some of the best at being able to communicate with other species on the planet. As such, it is imperative that owners pay close attention to commands and tones used during the training process.

One of the most difficult species with which humans attempt to communicate are birds. Not necessarily cockatoos, macaws, parakeets or parrots as these birds have long been known as a talking aspect of the species. In fact, it is now been proved that parrots can carry on intellectual conversations with owners and others. At the same time, it is highly unlikely the bird on the window sill is going to say anything of great importance though may sing a beautiful song to greet the day.

Repetitive phrases have become popular in books, movies and television with regards to getting birds to talk. While this is the case, it should be noted that birds such as parrots have also shown the ability to carry on intellectual conversations. In addition, dolphins and whales both have very distinct and intelligent methods of communicating with humans.

The work of these individuals and trainers are closely related. For, to be a successful trainer, one is going to need the ability to communicate and understand animal moods and behaviors. Whereas, an animal psychic is not always involved in the professional or personal training of animals.

One of the most promising projects to show that this is true with dogs can be found in current Japanese research. For, there is currently a device being used in Japan designed by Dr. Matsumi Suzuki which is reported to decipher dog barks into specific phrases based on tone and length. As such, if this research is successful, dog owners and others may someday be able to better understand the vocal communication of dogs and other animals at any given moment in time.

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