The Great Womens Spiritual Nature Retreats Midwest

By Raymond Walker

Time after time many ladies find themselves in very dire situations which really have no real solutions. Many of them like Nan who is from Chicago, IL like to participate in womens spiritual nature retreats midwest each and every time they become available.

Nan had just discovered that her teenage daughter was dating a man who was twenty years older and this really upset her greatly. Her husband Ralph was also angered by this certain event and he blamed Nan for the girl's behavior which was very unfair. She had even went to a counseling session with her daughter and spouse in order to try to make things better for the three of them.

The counseling classes which this family attended were not solving any of these problems and things seemed to get worse. There was nothing that Nan could do to hold her family together and she felt that she had been a failure of a mother and this was not good at all. It seemed as though young Heather had made up her mind to be with this fellow and she was even willing to take up time with the man's young child.

He wanted to go to this man's apartment and punch him in the face but luckily Nan was able to stop him from doing this action. She wanted peace within her family and this was never going to happen if such violent acts happened for no reason at all. Nan even talked to her friend Joyce about this situation and she had some great advice to give to her very dear friend. She also reminded Nan that her daughter was also an adult in the eyes of the law.

Nan was a sensible woman who had lived a good life and she was now ready to face facts about her husband and daughter. She needed to get away from both of them and Joyce had the perfect solution to this problem. The adventure with other ladies seemed to be very refreshing since they could all be at peace for a few days. Her ride to the great big bus was great and she quickly rushed onto it.

She had so much fun on their chartered bus and it seemed as though the ride would never end. Nan was surprised at herself when she had drinks with the ladies during the ride. Nan told them the story about her first boyfriend and about the time she spent in a jail cell. They all laughed on their way to Wisconsin and this was great.

She then shared a great big room with Joyce and Sandy who was trying to get away from her possessive parents and bad students at the local school. It seemed as though each lady was running away from something that had to be faced on another day.

The three of them joined the others at dinner and they had a very fun filled night which also included dancing. Since many of them were married they tried to stay away from males who were out on the prowl. They danced with each other and this was very fun.

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