Advice And Golfing Instructions Orlando FL Pros Give To Parents Teaching Their Kids

By Ruth Ward

Athletes and sportsmen often like to see their children follow in their footsteps when it comes to playing and enjoying sports. In order to play a game well and safely, many parents like to give their youngsters some instruction. Golf is a good example of this. To small children accompanying a parent to the course, riding along in the cart and taking a swing at a golf ball may be all they want to do. Those who exhibit more curiosity may benefit from the kind of golfing instructions Orlando FL pros suggest to parents.

Even young children need the right equipment to maximize their success. It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on clubs that your youngster will quickly outgrow. Most experts agree however, that cutting adult clubs down is not the best solution either. Even adjusted, adult equipment is usually too heavy and stiff for a small child to be able to handle well. Purchasing one or two children's clubs first is a better idea.

Giving youngsters a couple of basic putting instructions, and then letting them practice, is probably enough in the beginning. They can usually handle the concept of keeping their thumbs on top of the putter and maintaining a Y stance to position themselves correctly. Most kids love miniature golf, and this is a great way to reinforce putting techniques and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Chipping is a good next lesson. Your kids will probably get a kick out of the hot dog grip, making it something they will remember and use later. The Y stance should already be in their vocabulary from putting lessons. You might offer them a prize for getting the ball on the green in a specified number of shots.

The full swing naturally comes next, and most kids are excited to try their hands at this iconic exercise. The hot dog grip is a carry over from chipping, and teaching the finish should be done in a relaxed and patient manner. Many adults spend their whole lives trying to master a balanced swing. Getting your child to hold a proper finish will set him or her off on the right path.

Trips to the range with little ones should probably last no more than an hour or so. Breaking up the outing between the putting green, chipping green, and driving range will make sure they don't get bored and restless. This is a great place to teach safety lessons, like keeping a distance from someone about to swing and not swinging when someone is in front of them.

Taking them to the golf course can be a special treat for both of you. They won't be able to partner with you for eighteen rounds, but they can accompany you in the cart and try a few swings on the various holes. Putting on a real course green might also be exciting for them.

Watching your child learn and enjoy a sport that you love is a great feeling. Spending quality time with a little one is something priceless. You should both have fun, and remember it's a game.

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