Guidance To A Better Work Life Balance Stratford In The Mining Employees

By Catherine Perry

Women who choose to be mothers AND run successful businesses not only have "full plates", but they try to spin them all at the same time! This article provides Guidance to a better work life balance Stratford.

Since millions of people in the world use all of their resources to be exclusively one or the other, those of us who willingly choose to do both simultaneously are... Well... A bit of the "ambitious" sort. We had children because of a deep calling in our souls to become mothers, and yet we refuse to give up the fulfillment of making a difference in the world through our careers.

These are just a few contributors of job-related stress and you as an employer need to address these circumstances immediately in order to have better physical and mental health, improved employee relation and to reduce adverse damages that it might cause to the organization in the long run.

If you feel too overwhelmed to just let go and go with the flow of your heart, set a time limit on it. "I will listen to my inner guidance and do what feels good for the next 10 minutes" may be enough permission you feel comfortable giving yourself at first. Then see how you feel. If you can listen and let go you may only need 10 minutes to release the stress and tension and regain your balance.

Effective coaching does wonders for the industry to help reconsider its views towards employees and help draft things differently. Many industries will burn their staff to the maximum limit. But, we all know that the results are always negative in the long run.

Be present! When you are in work mode, focus on the tasks at hand. Determine what you need to accomplish, and stick to your goals. Do not let your mind wander to what you "should" be doing around the house (or with the kids). And when you are in Mommy Mode, ensure to enjoy every minute with your family. Resist the temptation to think about work duties or situations.

Ask for help and delegate! There is no such thing as being Superwoman, and you can't do it all. Have someone help with groceries, errands, dry cleaning, etc. Or hire an assistant, even for just a few hours a week. A high-school student as a "mother's helper" in the afternoons costs very little, but will free you up to focus on only the most important "quality" things: intimate time to spend with the kids, for example.

Don't take it all too seriously. The life of an Entrepreneur-Mom is complex. Allow yourself to be imperfect. Be grateful for such a "full" life. Look for the positives in each day. And "raise a glass" sometime to celebrate all that you ARE. These are just a handful of suggestions that will assist you in successfully navigating the path of both Entrepreneur and Mom.

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