Significance Of Enrolling Into Circle Of Change For Veterans

By Nancy Martin

Post-traumatic stress disorders pose a high risk to veterans and the general public as well. The adverse medical condition is often the first stage paving the way forward to a plethora of other debilitating scenarios. The number of suicides and homicides resulting from PTSD is the number one concern on the minds of many doctors and researchers. Private organizations like the circle of change have also come onboard to try and offer their assistance to the Patriots.

The organization is a non-profit entity, and it raises the necessary funds to support its causes from volunteers and other well-wishers out there. The candidates chosen to undertake the program are the ones who exhibit certain symptoms. Symptoms like insecurity, loss of confidence and the inability to cope with their family and friends. The help sheets are available at all the leading veteran association centers in the nation.

The behavioral experts working at the centers are trained on how to identify the tell-tale signals of PTSD. The signs and symptoms vary widely from one individual to the next. The universal symptoms, however, are a lack of self-esteem and confidence, the person is unable to take care of themselves, they experience nightmares, they have memory lapses, and they have a tendency of bursting into an uncontrollable rage.

Over the years, the news has been inundated with horrific stories of how some soldiers ended up taking their lives via suicide or taking up a weapon and going out on a shooting spree. Anyone who shows the slightest signs of PTSD ought to be enrolled at a VA center for continued observation and treatment if need be.

The soldiers get tasked with rehabilitating a troubled dog. To do so, they first have to undergo an extensive professional training on how to relate with and deal with the four-legged human companions. The joy and satisfaction which comes with seeing a troubled animal get progressively better works wonders for their brains. In due time, the veterans begin espousing signs of being in the now. On the flipside, the trained soldiers can now make a living out of their newly learned skills.

A course takes an estimated three months to complete. During this period, an experienced dog trainer takes them through the basics of what is needed to transform a wild and a troubled animal into a home-trained animal. The classes take two hours per week. By the time they get to graduating, the veterans have already learned a new useful skill which they could go ahead and utilize in their wellbeing.

The organization is fast gaining a reputation for being a success story. Over the years, the non-profit organization has gone ahead and introduced other fun-filled, engaging activities for the returning service men and women. There are sporting events and get-togethers whereby the patients get a lovely chance to interact with each other as they share their ordeals. That, alone and by itself is a corrective measure which speeds up the recovery process.

The work of the organization is never really done. Although it is a costly endeavor to hire the professional dog trainers and to provide the other amenities required, the organizers receive plenty of help from donors and well-wishers. The latter, through their generous donations ensure that the good work goes on.

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