With Christian Counseling Minneapolis MN Therapists Hope To Help Believers

By Mark Graham

The fast pace of life and the continuous pressure to perform can become exhausting. Many people simply cannot cope from day to day and develop anxiety and other stress related disorders. Counselling often help. Christians are not exempt from problems, stress and psychological problems. They too sometimes need professional help. When they opt for Christian counseling Minneapolis MN patients hope that they will renew their faith and receive healing from God.

Traditional counselling are purely based upon scientific psychological theories, techniques and methods. There are many other therapists, however, that believe that the answer to all human problems can be found in mysticism, ancient rituals and even in the teachings of long ago civilizations. Christian counselling is firmly based on the teachings of the Bible, which Christianity accepts as the Word of God and the only source of truth.

Faith based therapists believe that the answer to all the problems of life on earth van only come from God, who is almighty and who can do anything. Their approach to therapy is therefore to help their patients to find the answers to their problems by studying the Bible, by renewing their faith and trust in God and by committing themselves to sin no more.

Faith based therapists do not shun the principles of modern psychological treatment approaches. Many are, in fact, qualified secular therapists with degrees in psychology. They simply use psychological techniques to help their patients find answers in the Bible. In cases where it is deemed necessary, they will even refer their patients to a psychiatrist who can prescribe appropriate medication and investigate the possibility of medical disorders causing the psychological symptoms.

Many faith based therapists specialize in specific fields. Some focus on relationships and marriage counselling, others on trauma therapy and others on behavioural disorders such as substance abuse. In most cases therapy consist of an initial interview, followed by one on one sessions and in many cases, group therapy as well. Patients have to understand that therapy often requires many sessions over a long period of time.

Patients seeking help from faith based therapists often expect a miracle of biblical proportions. They think that the therapist has a special relationship with God and that the answer to their problems is just a prayer and a blessing away. This is not the case. The main role of the therapist is to help the patient to analyse the causes of their problems and to seek solutions in the teachings of God.

Critics accuse faith based counsellors of misleading their patients by making them believe that they can find answers through faith and a study of the Bible. Some even go as far as to say that this type of counselling is nothing other than religious indoctrination. Many critics also believe that science and religion do not belong together and that the use of Christianity in conjunction with psychological principles is a travesty.

The fact remains that the vast majority of Christians firmly believe that God is on control and that the answer to all questions can be found in the Scriptures. They do not deny the value of modern science. They believe that their religion and science each has its place and that one can complement the other.

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