Bob Jain: The Do's & Don'ts Of Credit Score Improvement

By Paul Martinez

Needless to say, a credit card with a good standing is invaluable. It's used for a number of purposes, such as obtaining a loan for a house or business. What about those who don't necessarily have the best scores to show off? Is it possible for these men and women to improve matters, so that they're on better financial terrain? In order to do this - and the likes of Bob Jain can agree - here are the big do's & don'ts you should follow.

DO be timely with payments. It cannot be stressed enough: being late on a single payment can be disastrous for your credit score. This is why you have to make them as soon as you can, ensuring that no late fees are accumulated. It also doesn't hurt that it will keep your credit score from falling. For those who might not be attentive, as far as the aforementioned payments are concerned, it's probably time to change up your strategy.

DON'T sign up for too many credit cards. As companies like Bob Jain CS will tell you, multiple credit cards are harmful in various ways. For one, you have to cover more balances, which makes your financial situation messy. It also doesn't help that you run a greater risk of experiencing debt, thereby negatively impacting your credit score further. Ideally, you'll stick to stick with two cards: one for credit and the other for debit.

DO act responsibly with your credit card. To say that credit card ownership entails responsibility would be an understatement. In order to get your score up, Bobby Jain CS will stress the importance of modest use. In other words, you shouldn't make too many purchases during a single month, since it could be difficult for you to pay it all back later on. To keep your credit score from falling, responsible use of credit cards is essential.

DON'T assume that your score will get better overnight. This is dependent on the individual case, but you can't expect your credit score to improve in a short time. Instead of becoming impatient, continue to follow steps like the ones covered earlier. Continue to make your payments and be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true. If you're good about your finances, sooner or later, your score will start to look more positive.

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