Learning With Christian Audio Sermons

By Betty Hall

Today there are many evangelists and Bible scholars on television and radio. Getting Christian audio sermons is easy. Most ministries have online stores offering past lessons, and many also give away their more popular ones in return for donations. Other organizations may post them online, where you can listen to them for free.

The teachings given by godly men and women help listeners deepen their knowledge of scripture and see how God works in our lives every day. Great speakers used to reach their own congregations or perhaps attendees at a camp meeting or revival. Now, they can impact millions of listeners and gain a much wider following. People who might miss a radio or television broadcast can hear a replay of it at their convenience.

Commuting to work can be a real drag. Some people spend an hour or more on the road twice a day. If they are listening to a recorded Bible study or a personal testimony, this time can be greatly rewarding. In fact, they can get as much learning as if they attended seminary. Some listen as they jog for personal fitness or while they are riding the bus.

A recording is also great if you fail to grasp the full meaning of a lesson the first time you hear it. Repeating it over again might let you really get it. If it's a message you feel is truly valuable, you might want to hear it more than once, too. A repeated teaching will be retained instead of forgotten as soon as it's over.

Preachers can make a great impact on their listeners and on society as a whole. Doctor James Dobson is a man who didn't follow his father and grandfather into church ministry. Instead, he became a psychologist and then began to speak and write about marriage, parenting, and family values. Millions have listened to this man on the radio and learned how to be better husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.

People like Pat and Gordon Robertson, television hosts of the famous '700 Club' program, influence hundreds of thousands of people every year. Supporters of the world-wide outreach of this ministry receive a monthly CD of teaching by either father or son. Charles Stanley is a pastor in North Carolina, but he is a household name in America as he broadcasts his sermons on almost every Christian radio channel.

Ask almost any believer and you will find that they value being able to listen to Christian teachings. Many say that their lives have been changed by revelations of biblical truths they were not understanding from their own reading of scripture. For example, learning the meaning of the Greek or Hebrew word used originally can change the whole nature of the text. Others like hearing the experiences of believers who have battled similar problems and come out victorious.

It is almost impossible to live a godly life without help from dedicated and spirit-filled leaders. Many who give recorded sermons will never meet the people whose lives they have changed. Check out the wealth of resources available. You are sure to find one or more lecturers who will enrich your Christian walk.

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